Rocks, stones and crystals, precious or not have their own electromagnetic

frequency. They contain a specyfic energy, express oneself by their color and

inner structure. With all this, we don't like just all stones, but just those

which enter into resonance with our enercetic field, sending us the energy

that we need in that precise moment.

Gold, silver and copper

For the healing effect of the stones to be more intense, they must be carried

into the right of energetics center that we have on our body, respectively,

above ours heart or above ours neck, by all means direct on skin, because the

energy and our heat amplifies the inner energy of the stone, and in the same

time magnifying the efficiency.

The ear-rings with crystals balances the energy of our cerebral hemispheres,

and the rings stimulates the power to the specific meridians to the hand that

they are carried ( on the left hand they stimulates the reception of energy,

and right hand the emission).

It is important to keep in mind that the recomanded metals for the stones

mounting are silver, gold and copper, the others beeing energetic unstrung,

reason for which they act as some power energetic vampires.

The compulsory purification

Before you use or carrie the stones, we recommend to purify them, in order to

don't take over, negative power and his weak load, stored before they came

into our possession.

For this it is enough to hold the stone a hour below strong water cold spurt,

for choice of spring, or between 30 as far as 70 hours in brine. If you want

a drastic purification, therefore either we keep 24 of hours the respective

stone in bay salt either we bury it in earth on all of a lunar loop.

The flux of energy

Once we have purifyed is needfulness render our stone the positive energy.

Just expose it to the sun three day consecutive or exposit to the moon shine

if is talking about opal.


Crystalotherapy don't replace the pure medical methods of treatments but just

potentiate and balance the power connections short cuted by the disease. Thus


Amethyst acts against the sleeplessness, of the anxiety and the fear and is

recommended in diets, potentiate the debilitation in weight.

Aquamarine attenuates the sea sickness, the disturbances of urination and fool


The coral helps with us digestion, soothes the headaches and cures affections

of the oral cavity.

The transparent quartz inducts get along with the life, and one light-tight

silence and agreement.

The pink quartz reacts on the heart and the circulation and helps with the

reconstruction after an affective traumata.

The diamond sweeps off the fogs and disclose the direction in life.

The jade inducts calm in moments of stress and emotive tension.

The pearls dissolves the hostilities and the bad continuations and strengthen

the inner force and hope.

The emerald decreases the congestions and balance the internal energies.

Turquoise reacts on the lungs and the neck.




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