Available in a wide range of styles, promise rings are given before marriage to symbolize love and commitment. When couples do not feel it’s the right time to get married, but plan to some day, a promise ring can be given to declare one’s true feelings.

Whether you choose a 14k gold promise ring, a white or yellow gold promise ring or a diamond promise ring, it will be a piece of jewelry you treasure forever.

Traditional designs include a heart to symbolize your true love and affection for one another. Other styles that are quite popular among young people are the Celtic knot designs, which can stand for unwavering commitment and fidelity.

Sterling silver promise rings are also available for couples on a budget, and they still look amazing as a true symbol of your love.

Diamond promise rings are also popular, but more expensive. However, small diamonds placed in a setting of yellow or white gold are quite common as promise rings for those who can afford them.

Semi-precious gemstones can also be used as the focal point of a promise ring. For example, if your partner loves a particular gemstone such as opal or tanzanite, you can purchase a promise ring with that gemstone to truly show your commitment.

While promise rings may seem similar to engagement rings, there are quite obvious differences between the two.

For example, typical promise rings tend to have much smaller carat weights than engagement rings. Promise rings also tend to be much less expensive and over the top, featuring simplistic designs and lower quality metals.

The most obvious difference between promise rings and engagement rings is the intent of the giver – it does not symbolize marriage, but rather commitment and love so that one day, marriage might be an option.

However, promise rings can symbolize a variety of things, though commitment between young couples seems to be the most popular use of a promise ring.

Promise rings can also mean religious purity, where people wear a promise ring to remind themselves to remain true to a particular religious path or as a promise of sexual abstinence until marriage.

They can also be used between friends, and are typically called friendship rings rather than promise rings.

However, the intent remains the same no matter what you call them, and are usually exchanged between young people as a promise they’ll remain friends forever.

Though there are a wide variety of meanings behind promise rings, the most popular use is between young couples that are not ready for marriage but want a symbol of their devotion to one another.

Given from the heart, promise rings are the ultimate token of true love and affection.




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